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Gripping Fantasy Begins with the Mind

So why do I say gripping fantasy begins with the mind? One reasoning involves the impact of psyching yourself out before you even begin writing. Yes, writing a novel is a daunting task, but countless people have broken the task down into reasonable chunks and finished their novels. I treat writing as a job, but

also as play. These dual truths can coexist.

I schedule and stick to the writing task like a job, of course giving myself time-off benefits. I'm not a tyrant if I truly don't feel well or need a vacation. But work also includes setting aside time to read fiction and other books on the art of writing. Doing proper research is a part of good work. Yet, I leave plenty of time to play with story ideas in my head without writing. Letting the brain flow without worrying about prose later helps with putting ideas to paper. Consider showers, walks, or quiet time after awake

ning as your blank canvas to brainstorm. Maybe these daydreams will make it into your novel, maybe not. Turning down time into playtime warms up the brain like a light jog before lifting weights.

Don't forget to enjoy writing.

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